How do you choose the best drill press for the money?


For those of you that are considering selecting a new drill press for your workshop, you have to keep some important things in mind. Whether you're a hobbyist, or professional at wood working, there are important factors to consider to make sure that you get one perfect for your needs. For everyday handymen, an 8 inch drill press like the WEN 4208 is a good choice a lot of the time. But for other people, particularly those doing industrial scale work, they will need a drill press much larger.





If you need a little more power, and size Delta do pretty well at providing drill presses for this niche. Some of the offerings from craftsman also do pretty well in this area. If you're unsure exactly what you will use the drill press for, then it's best just to get an all-purpose mid-sized one. And when you find you need specific features it may be time to upgrade to a better drill. When we talk about the size of a drill press, some specific measurements can be used to gauge what the size actually is. For example, the throat is the distance from the column the drill bit. The swing capacity is twice that, so essentially the swing capacity is equal to the size of the largest object you could drill a hole in the center of. This means that if you have an 8 inch drill press, your machine is only capable of drilling a hole in the middle of an object sized up to 8 inches, no larger. Also remember to consider how much space you have where ever it is that you're planning to install your drill press. You need more than just the space equivalent to the size of the drill press, you need some space to stand in front of it, and to place objects that you're working on nearby.


Another point that you mustn't forget is which type of material you will be drilling holes into. Will it be wood, or metal, or a variety? If you go for the general purpose option it doesn't matter too much. But if you're a professional then you need to get the right drill bit for the job so that your work turns out tidy and well finished, as well as being ideal for the material you're drilling. Hopefully after reading this far you have some idea in mind of what sort of drill press to buy and how to find the best drill press for the money


Hopefully after reading this far you have some idea in mind of what sort of drill press to buy. After buying your drill press, before you use it you should become familiar with its user manual as well as the general safety precautions. For instance, if you're drilling metal this can be very dangerous to your eyes. To protect your eye sight always wear some kind of safety glasses. Always wear safety gloves as well, to keep your hands safe from any sharp objects. And don't forget the basics, remove the chuck key before operating your drill press, switch it off at the wall when you're finished using it.